Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Windstar Cruises, LLC (“Windstar”, “we”, “us”, and any affilliate, associated company or individual, employee, agent or assign) may collect two types of information from people who use its services: information that identifies a particular person using the service, and/or information that provides facts about a person without identifying him or her.

Information that identifies a particular person could be a name or address, for example. We will not share this information with an advertiser, and we will not share it with another entity, unless you grant permission for such disclosure.

We also use this kind of identifying information to provide services to you (such as identity confirmation or communication with customers). Sometimes we use other companies to help us provide our services. We may share some or all of your information with these companies, but they are required to protect it and to use it only to provide services to you, and Windstar will only share that information necessary to ensure use of your service(s).

Information that does not identify a person could be a non-personal record of online activity, or information you put in a profile - like your zip code, your age or your gender. This information may be used for the same purposes as identifying information.

We respect and protect your privacy, but it is possible that we may be required to provide information about you to a court or law enforcement agency or as described in the Terms and Conditions of Use, Including Acceptable Use Policy and End User Licensing Agreement.

Windstar is not responsible for any private information collected by other services, websites, or that is disseminated by customers or third parties. For example, if you choose to post information on blogs, social networking sites, or other forums (such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.), it will not be private. Once the information is posted, other users may copy or store it. Further, Windstar is not responsible for the security of your personal or business network, and customers are encouraged to ensure adequate network security.

Windstar uses standard approaches to securely store, control access to, and make appropriate use of customer information. However, no security measure is completely effective and Windstar cannot guarantee the complete security of any customer information. If you don't want Windstar to know any particular information about you, you should not use Windstar’s services or include such information in anything that you submit or post to Windstar. Windstar merely provides access to the internet, via wireless connection, and in no way is responsible for the security of information transmitted or otherwise disseminated over that network.

Windstar reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time consistent with applicable privacy laws or changes to Windstar’s policies. You understand and agree that if you use Windstar’s services after the effective date of the updated Privacy Policy, Windstar will consider your use as acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.

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© 2014 Windstar Cruises
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