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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Windstar Cruises, the health and safety of everyone on board is a top priority. We are connected to health industry experts and following regulatory requirements in every area of the world we sail. Our team is implementing additional technologies that go beyond these requirements as part of our new Beyond Ordinary Care program. We are making a multi-million dollar investment in our fleet in an effort to provide a healthy environment while sailing on a Windstar yacht. Hospital grade high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters along with a UV-C air zapping process (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) are being installed on board all Windstar yachts. This is a double whammy for extra protection. Policies may change. It's important you check back for updates to policies and procedures before you travel to embark on your Windstar cruise. Windstar no longer requires a pre-cruise COVID-19 test for embarking guests (unless required by one of the countries on the itinerary).


Where can the most up-to-date information on Windstar’s handling of COVID-19 be found?
What if a guest gets COVID-19 while on a Windstar pre- or post-cruise land tour?
Do guests with increased risk of severe illness have any additional requirements?
Will guests be required to get a COVID-19 test prior to leaving home?
Will guests receive information about Safety Protocols on board?


What can I expect for the pre-boarding screening?
Will Windstar supply masks or other equipment on board?


Will vaccination be a requirement to embark on a Windstar Cruise?
Will the crew be vaccinated?
Are COVID tests still a requirement for vaccinated guests?

Enhanced Sanitation

What are the enhanced cleaning procedures on board?
How often will public areas be cleaned?
Where will guests find sanitizing stations?
Will crew provide hand sanitizer to guests?

Testing On-Board, Medical Staffing, and Equipment

Does Windstar have COVID-19 PCR testing equipment onboard?
What happens if a location on our itinerary requires a COVID-19 test during the cruise?
What happens if I get sick with COVID-19 while on board?
What happens if I am identified as a close contact to someone with COVID-19 while on board?
If I test positive for COVID-19 while on board, will my cruise fare be refunded?
What testing and treatment capabilities are there on board?

Crew Wellness and Training

Will the crew be vaccinated and tested?
Will the crew be trained in upgraded health and safety measures?