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Cruise Charters & Incentives

Exceptional Achievement Deserves an Extraordinary Reward

Sailing on the small ships of Windstar Cruises makes your event 180 Degrees from Ordinary®

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Windstar Cruises - Charter and Incentive Sales
Phone: 800-628-3354
Email: chartersandincentives@windstarcruises.com

Which would your clients prefer? To watch their group disperse and get lost in the crowds on a big ship or have an entire spacious and elegant ship to themselves? There’s simply no contest. Our whole-ship charters start at just 148 guests and provide your corporate incentive clients with the ultimate platform for motivation and retention. With a ratio of one crew member for each 1.5 guests, gourmet cuisine, spacious accommodations, and thoughtful little luxuries, a Windstar voyage is the perfect reward for a job well done. Plus, the intimate and exclusive atmosphere makes it easy to keep the focus on corporate activities.

Imagine an incentive cruise where you customize not just the shore excursions, but the entire itinerary. Fly the company flag above the ship and grace the dining table with a corporate logo on each menu. With a cruise line known for delivering experiences 180 Degrees from Ordinary, the possibilities are endless!


  • VIP service. From the very first moment you call to the moment we bid your clients farewell, we’ll help you design, plan, and host your client's special guests.
  • Never settle for ordinary. Take your client’s charter to a new level of excellence. Away from the crowds. Completely exceptional. Truly theirs.
  • Made to order for them. Customize your client’s private charter to their own tastes and style. A Windstar charter is as personal as a fingerprint.
  • Camaraderie. Our small ships are perfect for bringing a group together for a special, exclusive, intimate experience.

Download a copy of our Charters & Incentives Brochure for more information.


Small Groups
Groups from 20 to 140
Full Ship Charters
Exclusive full-ship charters for 148 to 342 guests
Custom Itineraries
Customizable itineraries and shore excursions.
Casual attire – no jackets or ties required
Complimentary Cocktail Party
Complimentary cocktail party with hot and cold hors d’oeuvres
Meeting Spaces
Meeting spaces with complimentary refreshment breaks and audio-video equipment
Cuisine as delightful as the setting – enjoyed at your leisure where you want
Beverage Package
Beverage packages available for an all-inclusive experience
Full service spa