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Nowhere else in the world will you find such a stunning juxtaposition of ancient traditions and contemporary cultures. Mystic temples give way to soaring skyscrapers while tranquil, timeless villages neighbor pulsating, modern cities. Windstar brings you the best of both worlds, taking you to the heart of cosmopolitan marvels like Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Tokyo and the exotic shores of small villages and unspoiled islands of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Abundant in outdoor excursions to small ports and uncrowded destinations, this two-week cruise features stops in China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. And what better way to experience this lovely region than with the people who know it best – the Windstar crew who hail from the Philippines and Indonesia. Snorkel among colorful fish and vibrant coral off Busuanga Island near Coron. Drift silently among shadowy limestone deposits and sleeping bats in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in the Philippines. Observe recuperating orangutans at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center near Sandakan. Uncover the remnants and relics cast off from centuries of Dutch colonialism around Ujung Padang, and discover Fort Rotterdam’s influences on trade and contemporary culture. Watch Komodo dragons lumber along sandy beaches in search of prey or venture inland for glimpses of koalas among the dense foliage of the Komodo National Park near Loh Liang. Relax on small reclusive beaches on Lombok or sample spicy nasi goreng, fried rice paired with egg, prawns or chicken and served with crunchy, cracker-like kerupuk at a local Lembar restaurant.

Tokyo to Osaka - 10 Days

Layer after layer, Japan’s story unfolds. In Edo-period gardens with their perfectly sculpted karikomi. In Chiran’s exquisitely preserved samurai homes. In the peace memorials of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And time after time you struggle to describe unforgettable moments, from your first view of Mount Fuji to the fluttering paper cranes of peace at Hiroshima’s Atomic Dome.

Tokyo to Kyoto - 12 Days

From the tranquil Zen beauty of Kinkakuji Temple to the vibrant blinking plasma screens and incessant press of pedestrians throughout Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, this 12-day cruise tour throughout Japan combines pristine natural beauty with contemporary and cosmopolitan contrasts. Nibble on freshly caught fish paired with salty soy sauce and fiery wasabi in Shimizu’s world-famous Fish Market. Meander among East Asian relics and prehistoric stone tools in Busan’s museums, ornate temples and royal tombs in Gyeongju, one of South Korea’s most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sip steamy green tea in the peaceful shade of chestnut trees near the scenic Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu City, or participate in the ancient rituals of a formal tea ceremony. Examine Kyoto’s majestic temples and storied Nijo Castle in detail as part of a 2-night inland stay, or explore the Zen temple of Tenryuji in scenic and peaceful Arashiyama, one of the most popular destinations in the city. It’s a perfect journey for those who love Japan, and adventurous travelers who want to go further inland to explore the distinctive culture and history of Kyoto.

Seward (Anchorage) to Tokyo - 16 Days

Retrace the route of the Russian-American fur trade as you island-hop along the Aleutian archipelago, and cross the Pacific as guest lecturers enthrall you with tales of the Japanese islands ahead. Gain insights into fascinating cultures from Aleuts to Ainu, and rest your eyes on thrilling landscapes from ice-shrouded Kenai Fjords to the wild cliff- and cave-studded coastline of Miyako. Go beyond the tourist mainstream as you kayak the remote wildlife-rich waters off Sand Point and view World War II’s forgotten relics in Dutch Harbor. From Kodiak’s legendary brown bears to the quirky bohemian atmosphere of Homer, Kushiro’s rare Japanese cranes to Tokyo’s Michelin-starred restaurants, each day is a new and life-enriching adventure.

Natural splendors and architectural wonders beckon throughout this exceptional journey rich in expedition cruising excursions exclusive to small ports that very few other ships visit. This is small ship cruising at its best – remote islands teeming with wildlife and small villages with friendly locals. Observe Komodo dragons, wombats, koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies in their natural habitats at Komodo National Park near Loh Liang. Browse unique knit shawls and sample artisan-made nutmeg preserves among tiny shops and Portuguese colonial architecture in Ambon. Walk the gray stone battlements of Fort Belgica, the former protector of all nutmeg trade bound for Europe in the 1600s. Ride swift Zodiacs from the small port of Kokas to 35,000-year-old paintings and handprints throughout the caves and cliff walls of Andamata, globally recognized among the oldest human artwork on the planet. Snorkel amid schools of rare tropical fish and colorful, reclusive eels along the edges of the Great Barrier Reef. Gain insights on cutting-edge coral reef experiments and the latest conservation efforts from researchers at Australia’s Lizard Island Research Station.

Tokyo to Hong Kong - 12 Days

Discover firsthand the allure of Japan’s small ports and historic landmarks during this 12-day cruise featuring scenic explorations of the Seto Inland Sea and additional stops in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Spend a day exploring Japan’s iconic temples and an entire evening sampling Japanese cuisine and succulent Kobe beef during an overnight port stay in Kyoto. Lose yourself among old fishing relics and weathered Funaya, vintage fisherman buildings, in the small, picturesque port of Tomonoura, a rustic backdrop for international films and blockbuster movies. Learn about the protected, thousand-year-old cedars of Yakushima and their contributions to famous temples and formidable Japanese sailing ships. Stroll picturesque pebbled beaches or canoe nearby mangroves among the natural splendors of the Amami Islands. Slurp hot noodles while bathed in the neon glow of a Taipei night food market, surrounded by the rich aromas of spices and grilled meats and the din of clattering cooking pans and boisterous vendors.

Vancouver to Osaka - 37 Days

Discover the pristine beauty and little-known history of Northern Pacific culture from the distinct perspective of small ship cruising during this 36-day Pacific Ocean crossing with excursions in Canada, Alaska, Japan and South Korea. Scan the horizon for breaching killer whale pods along the Canadian Inside Passage. Admire soaring eagles above Alaska’s Misty Fjords. Wander Wrangell’s streets, the only Alaskan town old enough to be governed by four nations. Seek out ancient native drawings on nearby Petroglyph Beach. Explore cracked World War II pillboxes and abandoned fortifications in and around Dutch Harbor. Look for iconic Japanese red-crown cranes near Kushiro, the “town of mist.” Gain insights into Korean traditions during a formal tea ceremony in Busan, South Korea. Wander amid Feudal Japan exhibits in the 5-story grandeur of Karatsu Castle, overlooking the sea. Venture to the storied pottery galleries of Arita Town, the birthplace of Japanese ceramic art, near Nagasaki.

Vancouver to Tokyo - 27 Days

Spend 27 exhilarating days on both sides of the International Date Line among North American wildlife like bears, moose and caribou, calving glaciers in the Tracy and Endicott Arms, and stunning Japanese parks including the crater lake in Akan National Park in Kushiro. Your memorable Pacific port stops include Vancouver, Canada, 11 visits throughout Alaska and the Aleutians, and the final three stops on the other side of the international date line in Kushiro, Miyako, and Tokyo, Japan.

Spanning six seas from Japan to Indonesia, this voyage immerses you in ancient Asian culture, rich history, and tropical beauty. Enjoy modern Tokyo’s nod to its shogun past against the backdrop of majestic Mount Fuji. Sip sake in Kyoto, find the Golden Palace or hop on the Kobe Nunobiki Ropeway. Enjoy scenic cruising along Hashima Island and Japan’s Inland Sea, and relax with six days at sea. Visit hidden ports like Tomonoura, Amami Island, Lombok, Sandakan, and Yakushima, with ancient forests that are home to 7,000-year-old trees and snow monkeys. In Nagasaki, respectfully remember “Never Again” and discover the beauty of Okinawa. Experience Taiwanese culture in the markets of Taipei and island hop, swim and snorkel in Hundred Islands National Park. Absorb Manila’s cosmopolitan blend of cultures, and stroll in the powdery sand of Boracay’s White Beach, rated one of world’s best. SCUBA among historical WWII Japanese wrecks off Busuanga Island and float Palawan’s Subterranean River, one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. Witness Komodo Dragons in Loh Liang and take in Lombok’s lovely beaches and turquoise-blue bays. Bali’s calm waters, beautiful beaches and Batik arts will leave a lasting impression.

Enrich your travel insights and worldview during this 65-day cruise featuring stops in coastal cities, small ports, remote villages and isolated beaches in Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Asia. Roam off-road on 4-wheeled ATVs along misty mountain trails in the picturesque New Zealand backcountry beyond Wellington. Soar in a small plane from Hobart, Tasmania to South West National Park, one of the last wilderness frontiers. Stay out late during an overnight stay in Sydney for tasty dishes like pizzas topped with smoked emu meat, or Australian lobster and grilled steaks paired with old vine Barossa Valley Shiraz. Explore Indonesian handcrafted art and everyday Bali life in Batuan Village and admire the intricate statuary adorning stately Puseh Batuan Temple. Ride the fastest elevator in the world up 89 stories to Taipei 101’s observation deck. Stroll through manicured gardens surrounding moats that elegantly enclose Himeji Castle’s ivory fortifications near Kobe.

Unspoiled settings and uncrowded beaches abound during this extended cruise featuring visits to China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. Swim and sunbathe before savoring enticing, locally sourced Filipino cuisine at a Windstar Signature beach party with the scenic splendors of the Hundred Islands as your backdrop. Snorkel among coral reefs adjacent to pristine white beaches, and browse boutique shops or dine at one-of-a-kind restaurants in Boracay, a verdant, palm-lined port inaccessible to large cruise ships. Drift through murky limestone caverns sculpted by underground water near Palawan in the Philippines. Amble among brightly painted Dutch architecture and spot the lingering European influences in the former colony of Ambon, now one of Indonesia’s most culturally diverse cities. Browse armor exhibits and military artifacts that protected Thursday Island colonists for nearly two centuries. Uncover an array of environmental threats affecting the world’s coral reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef during a highly informative tour at Australia’s Lizard Island Research Center

Osaka to Hong Kong - 22 Days

Take a deep dive into Japan. On this 22-day adventure, you’ll discover how ancient traditions interplay with contemporary culture and witness centuries-old shrines next to towering skyscrapers. Explore the 16th century Osaka Castle and foliage of Takamatsu’s Ritsurin Garden. In Hiroshima, take in hope for world peace and don’t miss Okonomiyaki savory pancakes. Discover the Karatsu Castle on Kyushu Island and explore South Korea’s city of Busan boasting beautiful beaches and Gyeongju outdoor museum. Enjoy scenic cruising along Hashima Island and Japan’s Inland Sea, and slow down to enjoy a total of four days at sea. Explore the small hidden harbors of Amami Island, Tomonoura, and Yakushima with its ancient forests which are home to 7,000-year-old trees and snow monkeys. In Shingu, visit the Hayatama and Kamikura shrines in the Kii Mountain Range. Shimizu brings the beauty of Mount Fuji, and a UNESCO site. Beyond the neon lights, discover Tokyo’s shogun past. Take the Kobe Nunobiki Ropeway and sip sake. In Nagasaki, visit the Atomic Bomb Museum and discover the beauty and rich history of Okinawa. Experience Taiwanese culture and cuisine in the many markets of Taipei and Hong Kong’s sampans and junks as they glide through the busy waters of Aberdeen.

Uncover the extraordinary along the Australian and East Asian coastlines during this extensive cruise to remote beaches, iconic cities, and untouched villages throughout Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. Meditate for a moment in silence amid fragrant, wood incense in an intricately crafted shrine in Okinawa, surrounded by raked gravel beds and verdant gardens. Slip past intricately handcrafted wooden boats, sleek family pleasure craft, and placid forested shorelines during a day-long cruise of Japan’s scenic Inland Sea. Browse high-end fashions in the shadows of towering residential high-rise buildings along Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan skyline. Savor the culinary magic of an exclusive Windstar Signature Cruise barbecue on a remote stretch of beach in pristine Hundred Islands Park in the Philippines. Observe massive Komodo dragons lumbering along the gravel shores of Komodo National Park near Loh Liang, Indonesia. Drift beneath the azure waves and float amid multihued splendors of tropical fish and endangered coral reefs throughout Triton Bay.

Pamper yourself and your loved ones by spending nearly a month relaxing and exploring small coastal villages, pristine sandy beaches, and historic colonial fortifications and iconic landmarks throughout China, Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines with an overnight in Sydney. Search for traces of ancient coral that shaped and nourished lush, tropical jungles thriving throughout Hundred Islands National Park. Savor a sizzling skillet of Filipino ‘sizig,’ featuring pork or chicken topped with an egg that thickens as your meal cools. Wander amid the remaining Spanish walls in Intramuros, Manila’s oldest quarter, and march across the bridge moat to the gates of Fort Santiago, a fortress occupied by four nations over 400 years. Appreciate the real meaning of remote in the villages of Indonesia. Discover the importance of the world’s dwindling coral reefs at the Lizard Island Research Center, or see firsthand with extra time to dive and snorkel above the Great Barrier Reef. Stand eye-to-unblinking eye with large sharks and rays swimming in massive windowed tanks throughout Mooloolaba’s UnderWater World, Queensland’s largest aquarium.

Seward (Anchorage) to Osaka - 26 Days

Here is a cruise that appeals to both your active lifestyle and lounging days. Spend 23 days cruising from Osaka to Seward and discover the rich heritage and distinct cuisines of places like Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Kagoshima as you walk through the shrines, gardens and castles. Fill your senses with the smell of the cherry blossoms and the majesty of Mount Fuji. Then rest your soul at sea, across the International Date Line, relaxing on deck and rejuvenating your spirit doing exactly as you please and treating your palate to delightful dishes created just for you. Rested and ready to go when you reach Seward, extend your Alaska stay with a post-cruise land tour to Denali.

On this extended adventure, witness the juxtaposition of ancient traditions and contemporary cultures, bustling cities, and uninhabited islands across a variety of seas. Explore Osaka Castle and Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu. Respectfully remember “Never again” in Hiroshima and visit South Korea’s city of Busan boasting the Gyeongju outdoor museum. Explore the small hidden harbors of Amami Island, Tomonoura, and Yakushima with its ancient forests and snow monkeys. Shimizu brings the beauty of Mount Fuji. In Tokyo, go beyond the neon lights to discover its shogun past. Sip sake in Kyoto and experience  the Taiwanese food culture in the markets of Taipei and Hong Kong’s famous Stanley Market and Temple Street Night Market. Swim and snorkel in Hundred Islands National Park and absorb Manila’s cosmopolitan blend of cultures. Stroll in the powdery sand of Boracay’s White Beach, rated one of world’s best, and SCUBA among historical WWII Japanese wrecks off Busuanga Island. Float Palawan’s Subterranean River, one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. Witness Komodo Dragons in Loh Liang and orangutans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Sandakan. Take in Lombok’s lovely beaches and turquoise-blue bays and Bali’s calm waters and beautiful Batik arts.

Ornate ancient temples, vibrant village markets, verdant jungle coastlines, and endangered exotic wildlife beckon throughout this diverse and far-ranging 49-day cruise with unforgettable stops in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. Stand on the riverbanks of the quiet Motoyasu River, steps away from the stark skeletal girders of the Atomic Bomb Dome, the closest surviving structure to Hiroshima’s atomic attack. Savor a delicious overnight stay beneath glowing paper lanterns in the midst of a thriving evening market in Keelung, Taiwan. Ride skyward aboard the Peak Tram funicular railway to lush, green Victoria Peak high above Hong Kong’s contemporary skyline. Lose yourself in the serenity of remote Indonesian islands. Sample rich and crunchy lumpia, spicy garlic adobo and sip tart, ginger-infused fish tinoloa broth served up by Manila’s street vendors. Meet oceanographers and gain insights on the future of Great Barrier Reef and Pacific Ocean marine life at the Lizard Island Research Station in Australia.

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