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Star Collector: Mayans, Azores & Me Time

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Colón to Lisbon

Star Collector: Mayans, Azores & Me Time
Renew your appreciation for all things wild and all things “you” on this voyage through the Western Caribbean and across the Atlantic. Explore the inner workings of the Panama Canal - that manmade wonder that carved a new chapter in humankind’s existence, and wander the ruins of forts charged with safeguarding Spanish treasure from pirates like Henry Morgan. Penetrate thick jungle that is still home to elusive jaguars, indigenous settlements, and hidden Mayan pyramids—whether you zipline through the rainforest canopy, boat through a maze of mangroves, or go tubing down an underground river, every angle fills you with awe. Let down your hair on incredible beaches and snorkel the fish-filled Belize barrier reef. Enjoy a rare slice of paradise on Isla de Providencia, so far off the beaten path there are barely 100 cars there. Soak up the glam of Miami’s Art Deco district, then cross the Atlantic to the hydrangea-covered Azores and Lisbon.

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