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There are certain sailings that daring travelers dare not miss. Sailings that go above and beyond, with enhanced itineraries so deliberately designed and carefully constructed that they stand out as the best of the best. These are those sailings. No detail or opportunity is overlooked. You’ll explore the most unique UNESCO Heritage sites, enjoy the most unusual regional delicacies, and discover the most story-worthy cultural insights. These are unforgettable voyages for all those who feel they’ve “been there and done that,” designed by the Windstar destination experts who have themselves, “been there and done that,” in every corner of the world, on every sea. Designed for the savvy traveler, these Select Sailings are Windstar’s must-do voyages to must-see destinations.

Athens to Athens - 7 Days

Visit sun-drenched places as you sail the Greek Isles, discovering a world abounding with seaside scenery and ancient treasures. On such legendary islands as Santorini and Mykonos, views of azure sea and white-washed villages will take your breath away. On your Greek islands cruise, you may embrace the magic and mythology of ancient temples built to honor Greek gods and goddesses. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the amazing hilltop Acropolis in Athens, the haunts of St. John on the tiny island of Patmos, and the ancient Roman city of Ephesus. You may imagine you are Mark Antony, as you walk the same marble streets where the Roman general (and lover of Cleopatra) was once cheered by residents. Dine among the fascinating ruins as a complimentary treat, a Windstar-exclusive evening Destination Discovery Event planned for Ephesus.
Windstar’s Treasures of Greek Isles, and all other Greece itineraries, deliver you into the heart of Greek culture. As you cruise to Athens, call, too, at small secluded ports such as Monemvasia, a pedestrians-only village built into a cliffside, and Nafplio, a delightful mainland town where you can wander cobblestone streets and explore Venetian fortresses. On your Windstar small ship cruise, Greece unfolds at a leisurely pace. You’ll have time to linger in magical places, to swim from powdery sand beaches, to explore local cuisine and get to know friendly locals, shouting “ya mas” (“cheers”) as you toast with ouzo. You may even dance like Zorba the Greek at a local taverna. Your Windstar cruise is the best of Greece, the way you imagined it.

Complimentary Destination Discovery Event • Kusadasi: Evening in Ephesus

Barcelona to Rome - 7 Days

Follow in the footsteps of artists and writers, and the world’s fanciest yachts, too, as you immerse yourself in the glorious sunshine, spectacular sunsets, and altogether intoxicating views in the Italian Rivera and France’s Côte d’Azur. Your Yachtsman’s Harbors of the Rivieras cruise to Spain, Italy and France brings you to the famed cities of Rome and Barcelona as well as the world’s premier yachting playgrounds, including Monte Carlo. Embarking on your small ship cruise between Barcelona and Rome, you’ll explore delightful resort towns and small villages where Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh and others found inspiration.
Admire the extravagant architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. Stop and smell the flowers in Nice. Try your luck at the Grand Casino in glamourous Monte Carlo. In Rome, visit Michelangelo’s astonishing Sistine Chapel and the Roman Colosseum. Explore the haunts of Napoleon on Elba. Along the way, admire castles and ancient ruins, with access to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Expand your palate while sipping the product at famed vineyards.
The leisurely pace of your small ship cruise allows time too to swim and sail in the clear turquoise sea in secluded harbors, directly from your yacht’s aft Watersports Platform. Sink your toes in the sand of white-sand beaches, hike with picture-perfect coastal views. Peruse shops filled with European designer goods and local crafts, and take advantage of late-night stays to dine on some of the world’s most revered cuisine. During your blissful week, as you explore idyllic coastal scenes, you’ll quickly understand why the Rivieras are among the most treasured vacation destinations in the world.

Rome to Venice - 8 Days

From such timeless cities as Rome and Venice to tiny ports of unmatched beauty, the Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast cruise explores Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro. Pose in front of the Roman Colosseum and see the ancient city of Pompeii, once buried under volcanic ash. Sail through sparkling water in the breathtaking Bay of Kotor and explore the famously picturesque towns of the Amalfi Coast. Wander the ancient cobblestone streets of the Sicilian town of Taormina and along the famous fortifications of the medieval city of Dubrovnik, which playwright George Bernard Shaw called “paradise on earth.”
Your cruise from Venice or Rome will explore some of the most beautiful coastline in the world, places of legends and heroes, inspiration for writers and poets – and in popular culture, some scenes used as filming locations for the popular HBO TV series “Game of Thrones.” On your Windstar Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast cruise, the leisurely pace allows time to swim in crystal clear sea and discover hidden beaches; paddle a kayak or tour by Zodiac along untouched coastline; visit bucket list sights; and sip, dine, and otherwise discover local culture in three fascinating countries.

Looking for more? Go in-land and combine the best of the land and sea with Cruise Tours that include this itinerary:

Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage) - 10 Days

Conde Nast Traveler 2019 Hot List
"As far as Alaskan expeditions go, this itinerary gives passengers more access to so many aspects of the state's culture than any competitor."  - Conde Nast Traveler

Immerse yourself in nature on a Windstar Alaska cruise as you visit the vast unspoiled wilderness areas of national parks accessible by sea. Grizzlies, whales, eagles, and glaciers arouse the senses: spot a giant bear lounging on a beach, pods of humpback whales breaching in the sea, eagles flying overhead. Witness glacier calving as ice slips from the glacier’s blue-tinged edge and feel the majesty of nature at work.
Windstar assures you a front row seat, a breezy stand at the deck’s rail. In places such as Kenai Fjords National Park. Look up to walls of blue-tinged ice and enjoy the experience with no other people around, because larger ships can’t sail deep into the park.
Enjoy close-up views at sea level from Signature Expeditions on kayaks and Zodiacs, launching directly from your yacht. Signature Expedition guides lead these one-of-a-kind experiences and stay on board for the duration of your cruise, offering insights and first-hand knowledge of nature’s attractions. They’ll answer all your questions and make sure that you don’t miss any sights. On an Alaska cruise with Windstar, you’ll feel lucky and humbled to be a witness so close to the action. It’s Alaska the way you yearn to experience it.
In ports of call such as Ketchikan, Juneau, Haines, and Sitka, learn about life in the last frontier. Discover the Alaska Native culture and rich stories told in intricately carved totem poles. Learn about the Gold Rush and the tenacity of gold-seekers who put their lives on the line in search of treasure. Explore the history of Russian Alaska. And see the only state capital you can’t reach by road. On Windstar’s Alaskan Splendors, as on all other Alaska itineraries, a leisurely pace and many hours of daylight under the Midnight Sun allow time to eat Alaskan crab, drink Alaskan craft beer, and otherwise immerse yourself in the local scene.

Reykjavik to Reykjavik - 7 Days

In the land of fire and ice, your Windstar cruise around Iceland brings you to landscapes both otherworldly and astonishing beautiful. The earth is still shifting here. Dark volcanic peaks rise above fluorescent green hillsides. Lava fields bubble with mud pots and steam vents. Glaciers top mountains, even volcanos. Waterfalls, some of the largest in Europe, create their own rainbows. Startlingly blue lagoons, heated by vents from under the Earth's crust, are natural relaxation spots for bathers.
Your cruise begins in the capital city of Reykjavik, which radiates a small-town, artsy vibe. As your ship circumnavigates Iceland, you’ll encounter once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as hikes on ice and on lava fields, and riding Icelandic horses through lush countryside. You may explore lava caves with helmet and flashlight or take a flightseeing tour over icy glacial terrain that includes “The North” filming locations for the TV show, “The Game of Thrones.”
Nature tours by Zodiac provide up-close views of humpback whales and seabird cliffs, including the largest Atlantic puffin colony. History tours include Viking lore. In quiet interludes, you might find yourself alone with your thoughts while kayaking in the calm waters of a fjord. By nature of the fact you are on a Windstar small ship Iceland cruise, you’ll travel deeper into local waters than you would on larger ships.
Under the near 24-hour Midnight Sun, your Iceland cruise takes you far beyond the typical tourist hot spots, your yacht sailing to remote islands and fjords and tiny villages – including an overnight in Seydisfjordur, with its colorful chalet-style homes and lively arts scene. The leisurely pace affords time to converse with the locals, sample Icelandic cuisine and craft beer, and, perhaps, hear folk tales of elves and trolls.

Papeete to Papeete - 7 Days

Spend a week in paradise with the one you love as your Windstar elegant yacht visits the ethereal landscapes of Tahiti. On your French Polynesia cruise, you’ll sail in startlingly beautiful turquoise seas past lush greenery and mysterious dark peaks, experiencing some of the most impressive fiery sunsets you’ve ever seen. It’s the most romantic place in the world to cruise. A modern sailing ship – especially one where you can swim, snorkel or kayak right from the ship’s Watersports Platform – is the perfect way to take in these unforgettable sights. Your cruise visits six spectacular islands – which would otherwise be difficult to combine on one vacation. And there’s plenty of opportunity for alone time. From the moment you are greeted with a colorful flower lei, Tahiti will take your breath away.
Nature is part of your small ship Tahiti cruise experience, whether you choose to swim in clear-blue lagoons, hike forested mountains in Moorea, kayak past jungle riverbanks in Raiatea, explore on Waverunners or snorkel or dive (with both certified diver and Discover SCUBA options) to hang out with small black-tip sharks, stingrays, and other marine creatures. Your itinerary brings you to romantic Bora Bora, with its legendary white-sand beaches, as well as such low-key places as Huahine where you may view archaeological sites and mingle with locals in quaint villages. A visit to a private motu (tiny islet) assures a perfect day at the beach in paradise.
Overnight visits to Bora Bora and Raiatea allow time to immerse yourself in the local culture. Learn to tie a pareo (dyed cloth worn as clothing) and sample Polynesian cuisine. Windstar’s Signature Beach Party features an extravagant barbecue and a rare and dazzling performance of Polynesian fire dancing. Your Windstar Tahiti cruise will create memories of a lifetime.

Complimentary Destination Discovery Event • Bora Bora: Celebration Festival

Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver - 11 Days

Set sail on an Alaskan adventure of a lifetime. This 11-day cruise departs from Seward, and explores natural and remote settings throughout Prince William Sound inaccessible to larger cruise ships. It’s a journey optimized for small ship cruising, with stops in quaint and uncrowded small harbors like Valdez and Wrangell, along with isolated coastlines rich in waterfalls, lofty peaks, and roaming wildlife. Board a helicopter for coastal or inland flightseeing around Valdez. Cast a line for Chinook or sockeye salmon in the legendary Copper River. Master your ‘Gee’ and ‘Haw’ calls as you guide a dogsled team across the Mendelhall Glacier near Juneau. This journey explores Point Adolphus near Glacier Bay, one of the most highly regarded whale watching destinations on the planet, where you’ll observe humpback whales engaging in bubble-net feeding, a learned group behavior in which whales work as a team to hunt and trap schools of fish near the surface.  In British Columbia’s Inside Passage, there will be countless opportunities to spot seals, whales, seabirds, and roving shoreline moose and bears before your memorable journey concludes at Vancouver’s cosmopolitan waterfront. Browse specialty shops and galleries in Gastown, take a walk along the breakwater trail surrounding Stanley Park, or if you’re not ready to return to your urban surroundings, escape on a gondola to the scenic alpine expanses surrounding nearby Grouse Mountain.

Athens to Athens - 10 Days

Explore a world of myth and legend, of blue seas and legendary beaches, ancient archeological sites as well as tavernas where you may sample Greek culinary specialties while dancing exuberantly to your good fortune. Your Windstar sailing yacht is your venue to experience the real Greece.
On your cruise to Greece, you’ll linger in legendary places with picture-postcard perfect views, cultural sights, and a lively atmosphere day and night. The unhurried pace of your small ship Greece cruise assures you time to explore. Sip the renowned wines of Santorini as you dine with views, watching the sun go down over white-washed houses and the sea. After time exploring quaint villages or relaxing on the famous powder-sand beaches of Mykonos, enjoy the island’s nightlife during an overnight visit.
In the medieval, walled Old City of Rhodes, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, admire the haunts of the Knights of St. John. Explore Monemvasia, a tiny island hidden from the mainland and accessible only to small ships. On your visit to off-the-beaten-path Ermoupoli, with its marble plazas and neoclassical mansions of sea captains, you may feel as if you have discovered a secret place.
Your cruise to Athens also includes quality time on Crete. Linger in the delightful seaside town of Agios Nikolaus, with its chic boutiques and waterfront cafes, or learn about the ancient Minoans at the famed palace of Knossos archaeological site. Visit Patmos, a sacred island where St. John the Evangelist wrote his Book of Revelations. Inside the ancient city of Ephesus, a complimentary Windstar Destination Discovery Event delivers the once-in-a-lifetime experience of dining among Roman ruins – and with the accompaniment of the Aegean Chamber Orchestra. It’s part of the magic you’ll experience on your 10-day Windstar Greek Island cruise.

Complimentary Destination Discovery Event • Kusadasi: Evening in Ephesus

Explore the aura of Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires, three of the world’s greatest civilizations, as you immerse yourself  in the modern cultures of Greece and Turkey. On this 11-day sailing, round trip from Athens, you’ll visit two continents and revel in such must-see sights as the Acropolis in Athens, the high-walled Corinth Canal, the ancient Roman city of Ephesus and Istanbul’s magnificent Blue Mosque.
As you circumnavigate the Peloponnese Peninsula on your small ship cruise to Greece, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Olympia, where you might imagine the roar of the crowd at the site of the first Olympic Games some 3,000 years ago. You may visit the ancient town of Delphi with its mysterious oracle. And you’ll see breathtaking coastlines and watch in awe as your yacht sails through the narrow Corinth Canal, inaccessible to large ships and with sheer rock walls you can nearly reach out to touch.
The leisurely schedule of your cruise to Athens and Istanbul and late-night stays on Crete and in Bodrum, Turkey, allows time to immerse yourself in the local culture. You may explore Greek and Turkish cuisine, watch a passionate Whirling Dervish performance, and join locals in dancing in a Greek taverna. You might kick back on a beach or use your yacht’s Watersports Platform in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. 

Complimentary Destination Discovery Event • Kusadasi: Evening in Ephesus

This 10-day cruise takes you to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations, following the civilizations of great empires and religions across thousands of years. Your Windstar Holy Lands yacht voyage brings access to Jerusalem, sacred city to more than one third of the world’s population, and Egypt’s jaw-dropping Pyramids of Giza. You will have opportunity to visit the Acropolis in Athens, the Roman catacombs in Alexandria, the renowned Minoan palace of Knossos on Crete, and a Neolithic site in Cyprus. An optional overland tour from Israel visits the famous, rose-hued ancient city of Petra.
Because you are on a small ship cruise, your experiences are intimate. You travel at a leisurely pace that affords time to explore, without big crowds, and to relax, lounging on a sandy beach while you review and talk about what you saw. With three full days in Israel, including an overnight in Haifa, you may visit Jerusalem’s Old City Western Wall (Wailing Wall), Dome of the Rock, and Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Travel, too, to Bethlehem or spend time reflecting at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. You may tour the Dead Sea and Masada, to ponder how 1,000 members of the Jewish faith took their own lives rather than become slaves to the Romans. Or follow in the footsteps of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes (setting for the Sermon on the Mount).
In Egypt, a full-day tour from Port Said, at the northern end of the Suez Canal, allows time to marvel at the Pyramids of Giza and the giant Sphinx. A late-night visit in the city of Alexandria delivers sea views, beaches, opportunity to tour the fascinating underground Roman catacombs, and time, too, to stop by an ocean-view restaurant or otherwise immerse yourself in the local scene. On Cyprus, view UNESCO World Heritage Sites from the Neolithic, Greek, and Roman periods, as well as the rocky outcrop where the Greeks believed the love goddess Aphrodite rose from the sea. On Crete, some relics at the Minoan palace of Knossos date back 9,000 years.
This cruise, to and from Athens, is an extraordinary journey to Bucket List places and some of the world’s most fascinating history.

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